Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Citizen groups gear up for local races

It appears stage two has begun in the local political scene.  Back in 2008 American citizen's began the process of taking over the direction of the Republic and returning to a constitutional form of government, where "We The People" are in charge.  Two years into this mission they have moved forward by electing constitutionally minded citizen representatives to the US Congress, Senate and the California state assembly by electing representatives like Tim Donnelly.  

Newly formed local groups like the Citizens Association of Glendora are putting their efforts into electing citizen representatives to local City councils, School Boards and any other elected position, where they can find liberty minded candidates.

There are local upcoming races on March 8, 2011 and this November 8, 2011 for local School Boards and college boards.  "What local organizations need is for citizens to sign up and volunteer, make calls, knock doors, get to know your neighbors and run for office", said David Miller of The Glendora Citizen Association.

"local involvement and organizing is what is needed to be prepared for the November 2012 elections, where we can finish in Congress what we began in 2008", said Jim Meyer of the Glendora Citizen Association.

To get involved or run for office, contact David Miller or Jim Meyer at 626-692-6007

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