Tuesday, June 28, 2011




By David L. Miller                                                                                                                                                 June 28, 2011

BLOG.BLOG..BLOG… Is the conservative, tea-party focused upon the RIGHT work to change our government???  Does voting matter? Is your vote important? Yes (Kinda)… I say kinda, because I have seen the tea-party activist focused for the last couple of years on things which will make little difference in how our government will function in the future.  I receive multiple emails daily from various activist groups to please get involved, sign up for their daily email or contribute to their cause, and most of what I am getting is “look how bad it is, and how the other side is making poor laws and decisions, Please contribute so we can defeat them”  (Understand I am not condemning them for their effort, I am saying it won’t make a difference if we do not elect people with our principles and values)

Well, I have a different take on what we should be doing to change our government and it is; candidate.candidate..candidate… an elected official is the only one who can vote on a proposed bill and therefore the only vote that really counts.  If we have more elected officials who believe in limited and accountable government, then we will get limited and accountable government.

Here is our problem… On November 8th 2011, in my local area alone there are about 39 elected positions for local school boards, city councils and college boards, but there are few liberty minded people who are willing to step up and run for office.  So you can complain.complain..complain… and it will get us no further to a limited accountable government, Unless you RUN.RUN..RUN…

Can we make a difference, YES one candidate at a time.

If you will stand up and run or know someone who will, please contact David Miller (626) 523-1847 or Pasadena Patriots at (626) 792-1772