Tuesday, June 28, 2011




By David L. Miller                                                                                                                                                 June 28, 2011

BLOG.BLOG..BLOG… Is the conservative, tea-party focused upon the RIGHT work to change our government???  Does voting matter? Is your vote important? Yes (Kinda)… I say kinda, because I have seen the tea-party activist focused for the last couple of years on things which will make little difference in how our government will function in the future.  I receive multiple emails daily from various activist groups to please get involved, sign up for their daily email or contribute to their cause, and most of what I am getting is “look how bad it is, and how the other side is making poor laws and decisions, Please contribute so we can defeat them”  (Understand I am not condemning them for their effort, I am saying it won’t make a difference if we do not elect people with our principles and values)

Well, I have a different take on what we should be doing to change our government and it is; candidate.candidate..candidate… an elected official is the only one who can vote on a proposed bill and therefore the only vote that really counts.  If we have more elected officials who believe in limited and accountable government, then we will get limited and accountable government.

Here is our problem… On November 8th 2011, in my local area alone there are about 39 elected positions for local school boards, city councils and college boards, but there are few liberty minded people who are willing to step up and run for office.  So you can complain.complain..complain… and it will get us no further to a limited accountable government, Unless you RUN.RUN..RUN…

Can we make a difference, YES one candidate at a time.

If you will stand up and run or know someone who will, please contact David Miller (626) 523-1847 or Pasadena Patriots at (626) 792-1772

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BLOCK SCHEDULING discussed by school board last night

Apparently, Glendora High School has been working on moving to a Block class schedule.  The new schedule would have (3) 95 minute classes on an odd day and (3) 105 minute classes on the even day, however the details of the program are not what I want to talk about. 

I would like to address the issue of community engagement and involvement.  Last night at the school board meeting the high school staff presented the block schedule plan (report) to the school board as requested by the board in the December 2010 meeting. However there was a large part of the equation missing, community and parent involvement in the process, surely if the high school has been researching this subject for years, as they stated, parents should have enough time to do their own due diligence.  

Finally,  it has only been within the last month or so that few Glendorans outside of the school board and high school staff, found out about the plan to move to a block schedule, as evidenced by the public attendance of only 6 people. There needs to be a public discussion on block scheduling, as it will affect all of our lives, with small changes like starting school at 8:30am instead of 7:50am, and though starting later may be the best thing, I think the discussion must take place with the entire community. 

The school board agrees and has asked the high school to schedule a parent information night at the high school.  Glendorans, have your voice heard.  I will keep you posted on when the meeting will take place. Also join us at the school Board meetings. see (Schedule)

If you have any question, please call me at (626) 523-1847 or email me by clicking on my name below.

David Miller

PS. If anyone could start a wikipedia page on the Glendora School Board, please call me !

Citizen groups gear up for local races

It appears stage two has begun in the local political scene.  Back in 2008 American citizen's began the process of taking over the direction of the Republic and returning to a constitutional form of government, where "We The People" are in charge.  Two years into this mission they have moved forward by electing constitutionally minded citizen representatives to the US Congress, Senate and the California state assembly by electing representatives like Tim Donnelly.  

Newly formed local groups like the Citizens Association of Glendora are putting their efforts into electing citizen representatives to local City councils, School Boards and any other elected position, where they can find liberty minded candidates.

There are local upcoming races on March 8, 2011 and this November 8, 2011 for local School Boards and college boards.  "What local organizations need is for citizens to sign up and volunteer, make calls, knock doors, get to know your neighbors and run for office", said David Miller of The Glendora Citizen Association.

"local involvement and organizing is what is needed to be prepared for the November 2012 elections, where we can finish in Congress what we began in 2008", said Jim Meyer of the Glendora Citizen Association.

To get involved or run for office, contact David Miller or Jim Meyer at 626-692-6007